October 29, 2011

"Gained An Angel"

You hold so many titles from Mother, Granny, Great Gran and everyone's everything; You've always been there for our family if we needed anything.

Whether it was spiritually, financially or anything we could name; Because of you, it's a lot we all overcame.

Our family only way to repay you is by sticking together & remembering we gained an Angel above; We understand that you loved us all with unconditional love.

You're in Heaven now and we know its nothing greater; You've always said it's never good bye but see you later!

September 21, 2011

New Season

First day of fall is today and that means it is really close to the best time of the year! Yes, it is almost basketball season so get ready! The leaves will begin to change colors on the trees and the weather had a great breeze in Huntsville today. I was in the gym during individuals this week and I just could not believe that I was being paid to do what I love. I get the chance to help young men get a education and play the game we all love. This is unbelievable, please don't wake me up from this dream!.

December 20, 2010

Coaching against my Pops

First of all, I'm not a very emotional person but it seems the older I get, the more emotional I am about certain situations. Tomorrow, we are playing at University of Houston at 7 p.m. It's a very sentimental game because my pops is the associate head coach at UH. We played them earlier in the month at our place and it was odd to see him on the opposite sideline.

Here's an article from the first game:

Ready for a family feud- UH's Alvin II to man sideline opposite SHSU assistant Alvin III

It's funny how life works. I thought I would live in Houston my entire life. My pops was the head coach at UH when I was in high school & I planned to attend UH with my friends (Rashard Lewis, Don Emanuel, Moses Malone, etc). We had big dreams of playing together and helping the Cougars reach the Final Four. Things happen in life that you don't always plan for and we never got the chance to play at UH together or play for my pops. Despite the changes that were made, we all set new dreams and goals and turns out, the path I chose actually helped me mature and become the man I am today. I'm sure my friends would say the same thing.

Well, game time is tomorrow at 7 p.m. at Hofheinz Pavillion. Hopefully I will see more fans in orange than red, my family included. lol. Take care and Happy Holidays!

September 18, 2010

Have you ever wanted to quit something and someone was there make you face the adversity? I'm sure you wanted to quit something that could or did change your life. I'll tell you one instance of where if I had been allowed to quit, my life would be totally different.

After about 2 months at Idaho State University, I was very homesick & ready to transfer back to a school in Texas. There was only one problem, I had to call my father and tell him. I still remember calling my father & trying to find any little thing wrong with Idaho State. He listened to everything I had to say and politely said, "you made a decision to attend Idaho State & you will graduate from there."

I was very upset and could not understand why he made me stay at a place I didn't want to be at. Well, now I understand that he was preparing me for life. By staying at Idaho State, I developed a don't quit mentality, met a lot of great people and received a Bachelors and Masters degree. I was also blessed to be Jim Senter's, former ISU athletic director, personal assistant to learn the business side of college athletics. I'm proud to be an alum from Idaho State!

As I was writing this blog, I realized I never said thank you. Thank you Pops for not letting me quit in this instance! It is one of the scenarios I look back on that helped me become the man I am!.