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Hall Of Honor

Dear Pops,

I remember playing against you in video games as a kid and you never letting me win. I would be so mad at you cause you would drive the field in Tecmo Bowl then kick a field goal as the time expired to beat me. At my young age, I wanted you to throw a long pass to give me a chance to get the ball. What was I thinking? You were teaching me a life lesson to be smart and not rush things.

I also remember when you talked to me about not getting so many design parts in my head because my 8th grade teachers will judge me the wrong way. So what did I do? I went and had a lightning bolt design part on the left side of my haircut. If only I was smart enough to contact you like normal, you wouldn’t have come over to the house and teach me another life lesson that appearance is the first thing we are judged on. Although I was a honor roll student, many people at Fondren Middle School may not have known due to my appearance.

When I said I wanted to be a coach, you were an assistant coach at Texas A&M. Most people would assume that the easiest thing for me to do was be at a position with you. You helped me earn an assistant coaching position at University of Arkansas-Fort Smith at the junior college level. That opportunity gave me a chance to grow as a man and coach. I was forced to learn how to do everything instead of just recruiting and babysitting at the Division 1 level. Thank you for the life lesson of making sure I learn how to do everything to be a college coach instead of only a recruiter.

Alvin Brooks drives against Clyde Drexler

Forty years ago, I was on my way into the world and you had a mindset shift cause you knew you had a kid to take care of. I can only imagine the pressure you felt to be in college and having a child at 20 years old. Thank you for responding the way you did. I never knew until the ceremony that I was part of the reason you are now in the Hall Of Fame. Once you learned I was on the way into the world, you worked out 2-3 times a day. Thanks for the life lesson on doing more to make sure I would have a better opportunity!

Congratulations on being inducted into 2019 Lamar University Cardinal Hall Of Honor. I’m proud of you Pops!

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Love the letter! Love you guys!

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